Driver’s Guide: How to Drive Incredibly Fast but Safely at the Same Time

Green BMW

Most of the time, driving fast is largely associated with getting into serious accidents. But a driver should know how to drive tactically because it may come in handy especially in dangerous situations or in times when you are in hurry. But driving fast does not necessarily mean that you are going to risk your life. In fact, there are some ways that you can drive tactically without compromising your safety. Here are some tips on how to drive incredibly fast but safely at the same time.

Consider the type of car that you have

First, you should make sure that you know the type of car that you have. For instance, front-wheel-drive vehicles will limit the turning capabilities of your vehicle which may not be suitable for fast driving. On the other hand, rear-wheel-drive cars are more reliable when it comes to cornering and speeding up but it can be really dangerous if the driver is not highly-experienced to do quick turns and in speeding up.

Your vehicle plays a big part if you are able to drive faster. As much as possible, you should choose the vehicle that you can handle effectively and one that will not compromise your safety if you are going to drive a little faster than normal.

Do not let your guard down

Now that you are driving faster, you should stay high on alert the whole time. Cars in front of you will not know that you are in a hurry and will stop whenever they want to. So, if you sense that the car in front of you is eventually going to stop, then you should always look for an exit to escape. But if you cannot find one, then you should really consider slowing down and find an exit before you step on the accelerator again.

Practice braking

Knowing when and how to break is important. You do not just slam the break any time you want. For instance, braking with ABS will limit your control in handling the vehicle and will sometimes put you in danger. There are also some drivers who tend to break while they are still turning making the vehicle turn or slow down in the process. You need to place your feet on the brake at all times and know when it is necessary to slam it down.

Slow it downSlow down when needed

Always make sure that you slow down if you really need to. As soon as you see a car at least 100m in front of you, place your feet on the break and start slowing down. If you think you are tired or your car is not performing well, slow down. If there are so many cars around you that you seem to be racing with them, slow down.

There you go. Keep these tips in mind and you should be able to drive faster while ensuring your safety the whole time. Tactical driving is not always a bad idea; you should just make sure that you prioritise your safety above everything else.